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halloween..pictures really blury..atarah's camera

Happy Halloween from Tata and Megel!


the unibrow lol!

Have you seen her dog????

found him!!!


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hey hey....looks lik u and "tata" had a great time!!!!and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! trick or treat
Atarah thats possibly the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life
AWESOME! Megel you look adorable! and atarah is hilarious.
did you actually go out or just stay in all night and take pictures on a grainy webcam? :P
we went out.
i know i know i look so good
I doubt very seriously you remember me, but like... three months ago, I believe I was trying to get you to play tag in the mall... oO;; Yes, now that I think about it, it was Jenna, Brittni and I. Strange stumbling across you like this. Anyhow, ermm... Yeah, I guess that's about it. x_x
you're Kyle right?
Hmm... So you do remember? oO;; Funny. Anyhow, I suppose I'll add you since I found you. ^-^;
yes yes i remember you ^_^
i like the last picture....tis pretty
Hey, thanks for fixing my journal..sorry for asking you so many times..forgive me biotch!!
I hope everything is good between you and Ryan:)

I heart you<3
God bless
hey megan it is rj whats up girl ttyl bye
hey sweetz..havent talked to you in forever!! Nothing much has been going on..what about you? Love ya. Bye


November 4 2004, 17:49:30 UTC 12 years ago

Oh dear, please don't eat me? I offer you candy-and cookies for the giant lesbian lady. lol, jk guys just kidding!