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overdue update

Well Busch Gardens was amazing <33 I effing love the twins and Ben. Oh and Van..haha. Van is the twins cousin who i decided i was going to make fall inlove with me (which he did) lol. So there was too much stuff that went on to write it all out. Buuuut Tiffany did pierce my ears (I got my second holes and my cartilage) My cartilage hurts like hell now..but i'll be okay. I got back on thursday..saw Blake and Bryceeeee. Bryce hung out with me down at my house for awhile and we talked..well i did..a lot. I just was sooo hypo..he called me a little girly hehe. Yesterday i went to the mall with Lyndsay because she wanted me to and i went because i love her THAT much. Then we went out to eat annnnd came home. Then we went to get Brycey to come back to my house. (I saw Blake get his web pierced...enough said there). And the rest of the night i basically just played in the rain with Bryce.

Bryce is going to come over today yay ^^ and then Blake is coming over tomorrow i think.

♥ Megan

P.S. Bryce looks sexy in pigtails haha.
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