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You're a lush

and i hate it.

28 October
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I am Megan.

Andrew Laura Daniel Britty Atarah and Sam are my best friends.

I am taken♥

I absolutely adore my friends and would take a bullet for anyone of them. My friends have recently been lowered down to the ones who really care and the ones I can really trust anddd it's great.

I love theater, it's just plain awesomeness.

I don't do drugs,I don't smoke,I don't drink, I don't have sex...I have a life that I want to make something of so I just don't do it..duh.

Music is amazing. I listen to music that expresses my mood at the time. I love it when the lyrics are beautiful. I don't like punk too much. Screamo,emo,hardcore,grindcore,and post hardcore is where it's at hahah.

I am a christian.

I am a very friendly person but I will not associate with people who do not respect themselves and flaunt what they have heh. I do not hang with people who bring me down.

I am an open minded person.

I am open with my opinions.

I live in a town full of stupid teenage whores and drama.

I can't wait to get out of here.

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Boys kissing is love. by whoathatsrad
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