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people at my school are sneaky...




They def. took this pic of me without me knowing..it's stupposed to go in the yearbook under the "hair" section.

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There is a pink owl nipping at your leg *points*
what does the mood predatory even mean?
haha! I remember the day you wore that-you were looking up at me too. You suck at life-and I rock. so boo yah
aww, how precious. what are you getting for xmas?
i dont know..mom hasnt told me anything.
yea ur right ppl at r skool r very sneaky , back stabbers and soo on but this was a good pic and thats awesome if its gonna be in tha year book but yea ... it could be a terrible picture
you make no sense, brandezy-who is NOT off the sheezy. And Lyndsay Halpin is funnier than you...by alot. But no! this isn't Lyndsay, at all.
Strange... same shoes Marie has. ::dies:: Anyhow, school sucks in general. So hah. People at the Middle School are sneaky... two years ago, when I was there, the principal inserted a thirty second video of Josh Hight and I playing with cones out on the field at the end of some presentation... >_>;;; IT was great. I put a cone over my head, both arms, and one on each leg, and tried to run the mile... >_>; I miss the old days. ::sigh::
Thats a good picture though.. :)

God bless
I love you
Hey, I saw you in a community. You're fucking pretty! Come and check my community out...


-Very active.
-Face Battles.
-Themes updated weekly.
-Honest voting system. (This means that if someone is ass ugly, then we're not afraid to say it.)